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Why Should You Contact a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

July 28, 2023 · Personal Injury

Around 84,000 people were injured in motorcycle accidents in 2020.

It's no secret that riding can be very dangerous, but many people find the thrilling sense of freedom on the open road to be too rewarding and exhilarating.

While we hope you're never injured on the road, we want you to be prepared. Motorcycle accidents can lead to extensive injuries and emotional trauma.

Healing and coping after an accident can be tough, as you could face challenges physically, emotionally, and financially.

In case of an accident, it's important that you seek advice from a motorcycle accident lawyer. They'll be able to offer you their expert opinion, along with many other benefits.

Making a decision about a motorbike injury lawyer after a wreck can be difficult, but we are going to list the advantages in this guide.

You'll learn why hiring motorcycle accident lawyers is in your best interest.

Complexities of Motorcycle Accident Cases

You may think motorcycle wrecks are the same as car accidents, but they aren't.

Hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer is crucial for several reasons. The first reason is bias and misconception.

Unfortunately, as you may already know, there are prevalent biases against motorcyclists. You will see it heavily in an accident investigation and throughout the entire claims process.

It's not uncommon for insurance companies and even jurors to assume the biker is at fault or reckless. The best motorcycle lawyer will be able to spot these biases and point them out in court, ensuring you get fairly evaluated.

Another reason motorcycle accident cases are more complex is the injury severity. The lack of barriers leaves the biker very vulnerable during a collision.

Whether you suffer from spinal cord injuries, TBI (traumatic brain injuries), or broken bones, a motorcycle wreck attorney will understand the medical and legal implications.

Lastly, the top motorcycle attorneys should be brought on to your case because determining who is at fault can be difficult, especially in a motorcycle accident.

Expert Legal Advice

Motorcycle wreck lawyers are going to be able to provide you with the best legal advice out there.

Some who specialize in personal injury law will know the ins and outs of the systems, which will prove to be beneficial for you. They will understand the complexities and know how to navigate the system properly.

Motorcycle accidents may be similar, but each situation is different. A motorcycle accident attorney will have the ability to give you tailored advice based on your specific situation.

Protecting Your Rights

If you don't understand your rights, it will be very easy for the other party to take advantage of you in court. That is the last thing you want.

Unfortunately, you can't expect the other motorcycle crash lawyers to play fairly, and they may try to offer you an unfair deal. Without an experienced attorney, you could leave without receiving what's rightfully yours.

You have a long list of rights, and every one of them will be protected when you hire the best motorcycle lawyers.

Do you know what the statute of limitations is? Well, you only have a limited time to submit your claim. After the deadline, there's nothing you can do.

Contacting the best motorcycle attorney right away will ensure you don't miss out on the opportunity to get compensated.

Building a Strong Case

Even if you aren't at fault, you'll need a strong case in court. You'll have to prove that you're not responsible.

This will be very challenging without the help of an accident attorney. Once you search for "motorcycle injury lawyers near me" and hire one, they will gather evidence, conduct interviews, and collect crucial evidence, and they may work with an accident reconstruction expert.

All of these things will help create a comprehensive approach that will make your case strong and boost your chances of winning.

You, as an individual, may not be able to do all those things alone, especially if you're still healing from your injuries. The top motorcycle accident law firm will have access to a lot more resources, which will be helpful.

Determining Liability

As we mentioned before, there are a lot of biases surrounding motorcyclists. Your motorcycle accident injury attorneys will address those biases and prove who is liable to the court. A lawyer for a motorcycle accident will also ensure they are held accountable for their actions and negligence.

Negotiating With Insurance Companies

Negotiating is a crucial part of going to court after a motorcycle accident. Insurance companies can be tough, and if you don't have the right negotiation skills, you will likely lose out on compensation.

Insurance companies will use everything you say against you in court. It's vital that you talk to a lawyer before anyone else, especially the opposing party's insurance company.

A skilled motorcycle accident lawyer knows the tactics used by insurance adjusters. They will successfully negotiate on your behalf, and you won't have to worry about it at all.

Once you hire someone to represent you, all communication will go through them. You won't have to talk to anyone except your lawyer.

Contingency Fee Basis

Oftentimes, motorcycle accident attorneys work on a contingency fee basis. This means they will only get paid if they will the case for you. This ensures they are motivated and will fight as hard as possible for you.

This will also ease your mind as you'll know they are doing everything they can to win.

Reducing Stress

After a motorcycle accident, you must spend an adequate amount of time resting and recovering. Your recovery time will be much longer and harder if you don't hire motorcycle accident legal help.

The added stress will delay your healing process, as it can be emotionally taxing. You can reduce that burden by hiring a professional.

They will be able to handle everything, and you can focus on getting back to everyday life.

Saving Time

You can also save yourself a lot of time by searching for the "best motorcycle accident lawyers near me" and contacting a legal expert. Instead of spending hours and hours gathering information, researching, and negotiating, you can use your time doing other things.

Maximizing Compensation

The expenses after a motorcycle accident are endless. You have to account for medical bills, property damage, and lost wages.

You must have the best motorcycle accident attorneys by your side to ensure all the damage is covered.

The top motorcycle accident lawyer will be able to accurately evaluate the value of the damages that happened during the accident as well as estimate the cost of future medical bills and earning potential.

They will fight for you to receive the highest possible compensation. If you receive a low offer, they will reject it and continue fighting for you.

Even if your injuries seem minor at the time of the accident, they could develop into something worse in the future.

Court Representation

The majority of the time, cases won't go to court, and the insurance companies will settle and pay you. However, if it does go to court, you don't have to do it alone.

There is a lot of paperwork, and if you miss one deadline or signature, you could lose out on a lot of money. The "best motorcycle accident lawyer near me" will know exactly what to do if it does go to court, and you will have peace of mind.

Hiring a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

When you're searching "motorcycle injury attorney near me," you need to be on the lookout for a few things before you hire them.

You only want to work with lawyers who are experienced in injury law and who have a good reputation. They should also be upfront about their prices.

A motorcycle lawyer for an accident who tries to hide fees is one you don't want to work with. Be sure to ask for a complete breakout of the cost.

Remember, when it comes to hiring a motorbike accident attorney, trust your gut. If you get a bad or uneasy feeling about the attorney, continue your search somewhere else. You should always feel safe and comfortable talking to your lawyer.

If you're struggling to find an attorney to hire, talk to some of your friends and family. They may have recommendations.

Motorcycle Attorneys Near Me

Being in a motorcycle wreck is traumatic and scary. However, seeking legal advice from a motorcycle accident lawyer will make the process much easier.

You can move forward confident that you're going to receive the highest amount of compensation possible. The burden of going to court will also be lifted off your shoulders when you hire the best motorcycle lawyers.

Don't wait to contact a lawyer at the motorcycle crash law firm! Our attorneys are ready to help you! Should you have questions or need legal help, give us a call

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