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Bus Accident Attorneys

Bus accidents can cause serious personal injury. When you’re injured in a bus accident, you need injury lawyers who know how to protect you and your accident claim.

Both private and public-owned bus companies are “common carriers” that owe passengers a heightened duty of care, meaning more than the duty you find in a regular car collision.

Where you are injured on a public transit vehicle, whether it is a bus, train or light rail, there is a government claim process you need to follow. If you don’t file the right claim, you may not be able to recover compensation for your injury.

In the United States, motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of injury-related deaths for children and young adults. The Sherman Oaks, California, injury attorneys at Daniels Law represent injured victims throughout California.

Bus accidents can be very serious and have an effect on the course of your life. To maximize your recovery, you need personal injury attorneys that understands your legal rights and your recovery options.

We are skilled in pursuing recovery due to serious personal injury caused by common carriers. Other attorneys trust Daniels Law to help with the best possible resolution to their problem cases. Shouldn’t you trust us, too?

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