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Building code violations. Poorly maintained walkways or stairs. Electrical wires hanging out in the open, unguarded doorways leading out into the open air. These are all property defects that can cause serious personal injury.

There are many ways that a property owner’s indifference or negligence can cause harm. The law provides a remedy when that indifference or negligence leads to injury in the form of premises liability. Are you someone who needs to make a claim?

Any accident is serious to the person who suffers an injury, even from something as simple as a bad slip and fall. When harm is caused by a negligent property owner, your frustration over the fact it could have been avoided only serves to amplify your anguish.

Man slipping and falling
When all was said and done, Daniels Law secured a massive victory against PG&E which gave my wife and I breathing room so we could heal and move on with our lives. I’m telling you, if you’re injured personally you need Bill Daniels and his team by your side.”

Dr. Robert L., Personal injury

You can’t control when an accident happens, but when you or loved ones are injured, you can decide to get the best possible legal advice to understand your options and pursue compensation.

That’s where we can help.

For nearly two decades we have been helping clients get the compensation they deserve for accidents that are not their fault, whether from defective products, workplace injuries, or negligence in a slip and fall accident case.

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The personal injury lawyers at Daniels Law have a terrific record of success in winning even the most difficult and complex cases ever to find their way into court.

Attorneys turn to Daniels Law to help with the best possible resolution to their problem cases; most of our matters are referred by other lawyers.

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Few personal injury lawyers have expertise like Daniels Law. We are passionate in our determination to help you win your case.

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