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Client Reviews

I found Bill and Will experienced, well staffed and good faith and family people. They came and sat in my backyard having coffee while gathering evidence and getting to know me at the same time…Maggie B., Camp Fire Survivor

To say that Bill Daniels is a great attorney is an underestimation. I’m a dental surgeon who specializes in implant placement and full mouth reconstructive aesthetic dental work. My wife and I had recently relocated from the bay area to the Mount Shasta area just to switch gears from a crazy practice down to a country atmosphere. One morning I was at work the power was out and we were looking for a place to plug in the generator when I fell through a PG&E box and shattered my wrist requiring 13 pins and a titanium plate. My wife and I were in total despair. My doctor gave me Bill Daniels’s name, telling me he is a top-notch attorney in injury law and in dealing with PG&E. Immediately after meeting Bill he took over my case and flew up to see us personally in Burney California, a very remote place. He took us under his wing and guided us through a very difficult time in my career and in my marriage in our life. Bill was so warm, his team was great, they knew how to handle and keep us calm and keep us informed. I never felt like we needed to wonder where Bill was because he always kept in touch with us every week we would have conferences and it seemed like I was the only thing on his mind. I’ve had several attorneys in my life and I’ve never had one treat me like I was the only client with the only case and his whole team was focused on it 24 seven for two years. When all was said and done, Daniels Law secured a massive victory against PG&E which gave my wife and I breathing room so we could heal and move on with our lives. I’m telling you, if you’re injured personally you need Bill Daniels and his team by your side. Dr. Robert L., personal injury.

The Daniels Lawteam are professionals through and through. Bill Daniels is a master of his craft. He is a skilled listener, extremely savvy and perceptive, and a creative, strategic thinker and negotiator. He was able to synthesize complex facts and distill them down into the most important elements for my case. As a client, I always took comfort in having Bill on my side. He took the time to educate me and keep me informed of progress, in a very personable, friendly and approachable way. He was undaunted at going up against a team of big firm lawyers representing the other side. Bill and Daniels Law delivered for me. They have my highest recommendation. – S.G., Santa Barbara, CA

I cannot recommend Mr. Bill Daniels highly enough! I was going through a difficult period in my life and had spoken to a few lawyers, many were not even willing to hear my case. I contacted Bill and hearing about him from a mutual friend and could not be happier. Bill hands on approach and dedication to listening and understanding me as a client in our initial session was unparalleled. Bill took my case and delivered the results I was looking for. Without his services I’m sure that I would not have had my needs met. Not only he was committed and passionate about helping me but he was personable, respectful and educated me every step of the way. I often even heard from him with updates outside of normal business hours and gained not only a lawyer but a friend and advocate. – Fred A., Los Angeles, CA

I am a retired Chinese language teacher and I give Mr. Daniels an “A+.” Mr. Daniels is a very polite, kind and reasonable attorney. He answered all my questions and returned my phone calls and remembered who I was. His attention was personal and gratifying. I hired Mr. Daniels because he was recommended to me by a trusted friend, who is also an attorney. From my feelings, I know Mr. Daniels is a person I can trust. I got a very good result and I feel satisfied. – Kitty T., El Monte, CA

My experience with Daniels Law staff has been top-notch! All matters were handled in a professional manner and questions answered in a timely manner. I could not have chosen a better law firm to represent me. – Catharina V., Upland, CA

Basically I’m 100% satisfied with the outcome of my case. They were inviting to any questions I had, they encouraged me to ask questions, they always gave me a prompt and accurate response. They returned all my phone calls. Mr. Daniels and his staff were courteous to me throughout the whole case from start to finish. – Damian W., Los Angeles, CA

We have been working with Daniels Law for several years now. His office staff is at-the-ready and always pleasant. Mr. Daniels possesses real experience in his field. His strategies when approaching his cases prove successful, which is why we are proud to work with him. He takes time with his clients and associates in order to gain the knowledge needed to properly and expertly defend the cases he takes on. – Collin R., Los Angeles, CA

Bill, just a note to say thank you for a job well done. I had a hard time finding a lawyer who would take my case. You believed me in what I told you. You took the case and through excellent work on your part and your staff I am more than satisfied. I thank you for being an honest and moral lawyer. Moral and lawyer in the same sentence is a oxymoron in most peoples mind including mine. But you have proved yourself to be a kind and thoughtful person and well as an honest man. I thank you for helping put my future in a more comfortable place. You are like the ad says “It does exactly what it says on the can” you did what you promised, and I believe exceeded it by not padding your expenses, and giving me exactly what I was owed. Sincere thanks to you and your staff. – Lou Metzger, Dublin, Ireland

Being a plaintiff against a major corporate defendant that has unlimited funds to defend the case is intimidating. Especially when the contract says the loser pays! Bill Daniels was exceptional in understanding the issues and aggressively putting forth my case. He kept me informed of all developments and spent many hours explaining the process as he understood what me and my family was going through. His preparation was outstanding and it was evident at depositions where the defense looked sloppy and unprepared. In the end the defense bowed to our demands because of Bills meticulous preparation. I would not hesitate recommending Bill Daniels for any matter. – James B., Irvine, CA

Dear Jack and Bill, both of you gentlemen, Mr. Katz and Mr. Daniels deserve much more and I am confident that Heavenly Father will prosper and bless each of you 100 fold for what you have given in time, heart, sacrifice and skill to help my parents and our family to work this out. I believe it turned out to be a win win ending for everyone involved. Time will complete the story. Thank you for your marvelous skill that brought about a win without a trial. I am convinced that you are not by chance but are an answer to prayers and not just mine. I will have just enough to pay off my house completely, and be totally debt free. Amazing! I know that I couldn’t have two finer men to represent me in this case. Thank you so very much for all that you have done and given. I am thankful to your wonderful staff and families as well. God bless and keep you. – Helen Luksan, Seattle, WA

Bill, this is a tribute to your skills in bringing a meandering case to a final settlement. Also, let it be said that by having you join me as co-counsel, it changed the course of the outcome. Thanks again, Bill. – Jack Katz, Encino, CA

I had an unfortunate experience with some business partners who turned out to be entirely crazy. Bill Daniels of Daniels Law came to my aid and thanks to him and his partners there was a most satisfactory outcome. – Alex C., Hollywood, CA

Mr. Daniels is an intelligent, articulate, and persuasive litigator who has a proven track record of being able to obtain results for his clients. He is experienced and skillful and an excellent attorney. – Morgan H., Encino, CA