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8 Ways a Burn Injury Lawyer Can Help Your Case

September 27, 2023 · Wildfire, Personal Injury
Firefighters on a roof with fire damage

Hawaii is synonymous with swaying palm trees, ocean breezes, and Luau dances. The epitome of ultimate relaxation and happiness. Thus, it came as a massive shock when Maui experienced the deadliest wildfire in over a century of US history.

This horrific event left behind homeless Hawaiians and plenty of finger-pointing. It ravaged Hawaii's tourism industry and likely had a massive ecological impact on the tropical fauna. Perhaps worst of all, though, are all the innocent burn victims.

Burn injuries take careful medical treatment and can leave lifelong consequences. It's important for burn victims to seek a burn injury lawyer. In this guide, we present eight ways a burn lawyer can help your case.

1. Lawyers Help Get Better Compensation

A serious burn injury is one of the most agonizing, horrific injuries a person can sustain.

Burn victims, such as the famous former police officer Jason Schechterle, suffer unfathomable amounts of pain. The initial accident is only the beginning. What follows in recovery is just as hellish.

Burns are difficult to treat, requiring months of healing and procedures like skin graphs. They can cause lifelong hyper-sensitivity and pain in the areas where burns occurred. Many victims lose mobility or their sense of feeling.

It doesn't stop there, even after a successful recovery. A burn injury victim usually has significant disfiguration in their body that challenges their self-esteem and self-worth. They may require cosmetic surgeries, ones that don't always return the way they looked.

In other words, a burn injury case involves a lot of medical bills. Relatively small cases can cost thousands of dollars to treat, even with insurance coverage. That's where a burn injuries lawyer comes in.

Getting Recompense From the Right Source

The blame for your accident, especially a wildfire, isn't usually the fault of a single entity. Just look at the Maui wildfire mentioned earlier. In the wake of this tragedy, officials are still examining all the elements that caused-or exacerbated-the catastrophe.

It could be the fault of a company, the government, an individual, or all of the above. Getting medical treatment may involve suing someone with the help of a burn injury attorney. Or, it could be as simple as obtaining the insurance coverage you deserve from your provider.

Whatever the case, a burn attorney makes sure you get the maximum amount.

2. They Provide Essential Expertise

California wildfires are a frequent threat that everyone in the state must prepare for. Despite their regularity and predictability, they are still legally complex events. Even when they occur naturally, without some hiker discarding a lit cigarette, the consequences can take years to unravel.

People get displaced from their homes, businesses get destroyed, and families get ravaged. Courts get choked with all the cases relating to a single wildfire. A burn injury lawsuit may struggle to make headway in the wake of such a serious event.

With the help of a burn victim lawyer, you get access to years of wildfire expertise. Burn injury law firms have dealt with hundreds of cases like yours. They know how to fight them, and how to get the best results.

Without the help of a burn accident attorney, you might be missing out on additional compensation. There could be money to cover your lost wages, loss of companionship, and the pain and suffering. Fighting your case alone may deprive you of options you didn't realize you had.

3. They Investigate for You

Claiming medical expenses and other financial costs isn't as simple as showing your burn wounds. There is a trove of evidence you must collect to argue your case in court. Documents, insurance coverage documentation, documentation of damages, and so on.

This is a tall order, especially if you are suffering from a burn injury. Where do you even begin? You may not have even the slightest clue what evidence you need, or where to look for it.

You may only have one shot at this. If your lawsuit fails in court, there won't be a second chance. All it takes is one little piece of damning evidence to swing a case in your favor.

That's where a burn accident law firm comes in. They do the heavy lifting for you amid your already busy schedule. That way, you don't have to moonlight as a PI for your own case.

4. They Handle Negotiations

You'd be surprised how often a burn injury case never makes it to court. In fact, this is often ideal. If you can force a settlement or agreement with the insurance company, you avoid a lengthy and costly lawsuit.

Of course, insurance companies are in the business of denying you coverage. They work very, very hard to avoid making payouts. They may even trick you by offering a low payout at the beginning to prevent a bigger one later.

A burn injury lawyer can negotiate in your stead with the insurance company. They can likely get a better result than you could after hours on the phone with them. Plus, a lawyer's words carry more weight since they know how to corner these companies into compliance.

If the negotiations don't succeed, then they can be a vital aid during a lawsuit.

5. They Allow You to Focus on Recovery

As mentioned earlier, the recovery process after a serious burn injury is quite intensive. You'll likely be in and out of the hospital getting treatment.

In more extreme cases, you could be hospitalized for a long time without the energy to do much. Burn victims of the most severe injuries can lie unconscious for weeks or months post-injury. When they wake up, they have to deal with a great deal of physical and psychological trauma-and a legal case.

Naturally, there may not be much left in you for dealing with legal matters. Let a personal injury lawyer take the reins for you. You get to recover while they go out and deal with the tricky legal issues in your name.

6. They Get Justice

If you are a burn injury victim as a result of negligence, it's unlikely the perpetrator will come forward. Especially in the case of wildfires. It can take authorities a long time before they realize the true cause of the event.

No one wants to experience something as traumatic as a serious burn injury without justice. Whoever caused it needs to make amends by paying for your recovery. An additional bonus, though, is the satisfaction that the person who did you wrong gets proper justice.

Your burn injury attorney can ensure there are real consequences for wrongdoers. You no longer have to spend sleepless nights knowing the one who hurt you got away with it.

7. They Provide Support

The process of getting compensation or filing a lawsuit is a tiring and emotionally draining experience. It can take months or longer, depending on your specific burn injury case. It's easy for even the strongest people to get disheartened as the weeks turn into months and years.

A burn lawyer's success is tied to yours. If you lose the case, they lose as well. They'll fight tooth and nail to get you the result you deserve.

Legal battles can put a wedge in your relationships, too. They may pit you against an employer that you loved, or an insurance company you trusted. Things can get quite nasty-as if the burn injury wasn't enough already.

Lawyers know the mental and emotional challenges a case presents. They can encourage you and help you to avoid giving up. Especially if the finish line is closer than you may realize.

8. They're Not Always a Financial Burden

Legal help is great, but many people worry about the ultimate cost. Lawyers' fees are a not-insignificant financial burden after a successful case.

Some people may even avoid contacting a lawyer altogether for fear of how many billable hours a case may require. If the lawyer eats up all their compensation, then it's like they never hired legal help in the first place!

Fortunately, most lawyers work on a contingency basis. That is, they have to win your case to collect legal fees.

Plus, many lawyers take their cut in other ways. Some entities legally have to reimburse your lawyer's fees if you take them to court and win. This could easily pay for some or all of the costs you incurred by hiring a firm to help you.

Again, burn injuries can be lengthy, expensive affairs. It's helpful to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel, financially speaking. You get peace of mind knowing that there are options for easing the financial burden.

Find a Burn Injury Lawyer

A burn injury lawyer is a vital component of your case. With their help, you can thoroughly investigate for evidence, get essential legal expertise, and maximize your compensation. They provide support and allow you to recover thoroughly in the wake of a tragic accident.

Daniels Law is the expert in handling the aftermath of California wildfires-especially burn injuries. Fill out our inquiry form and get the best help from burn lawyers near you.

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