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Burn injuries are scarring, both physically and emotionally. These injuries are often long-lasting, especially in the case of third and fourth-degree burns.

Due to their long-lasting effects, victims are often helpless as they try to live with their injuries. Worse yet, victims struggle to seek compensation from responsible parties, often having to pay out of pocket to treat their burn injuries.

If you or a loved one has sustained extensive injuries from a fire that you didn’t cause, know that we are here to help you.

With our burn injuries lawyer in your corner, you can file a burn injury claim and hold negligent parties responsible. A burn injury claim can allow you to be compensated for your injuries, emotional distress, and financial damage.

Get the best possible results in your burn injury claim. Our burn accident law firm has experienced burn injury lawyers who can help you the best possible outcome for your claim.


Get Representation From an Experienced Burn Injury Attorney in Sherman Oaks

At Daniels Law, we are among California’s top burn injury law firms, particularly in Sherman Oaks. With over three decades of experience representing burn and fire damage victims, our firm has a long track record of successful claims.

We’ve recovered millions of dollars in judgments and settlements. However, our greatest success is the trust and relationships we have built with our clients.

We let our results do the talking. See what our past satisfied clients have to say about our legal service and expertise.

The Types of Burn Injuries We Handle

Burn injuries are classified into varying levels of severity. Below are the different types of burn injuries our experienced burn injury attorneys handle:

  • First-degree burn injuries: These burns occur due to direct contact with hot surfaces or flames. The injuries are painful yet superficial, involving the outermost layers of the skin. Nevertheless, the resulting skin openings can be potential entry points for pathogens, which leave victims vulnerable to infections.
  • Second-degree burn injuries: Second-degree burn injuries occur in the outermost layer of the skin and the areas directly underneath. These injuries are more severe and painful, often manifesting as scarring, blistering, and swelling. Healing can take several weeks and will often lead to permanent scars.
  • Third-degree burn injuries: These injuries involve the skin and deeper tissues. Because of how extensive and severe these injuries are, they can also lead to nerve damage when left untreated. Third-degree burn injuries are severe and require lengthy hospitalizations and pain medications. Sometimes, victims need to undergo surgery to fix damaged tissues.
  • Fourth-degree burn injuries: These are the most severe burn injuries. These injuries affect the skin and deep tissues, and they can also occur in much deeper tissues like tendons, muscles, and even bones. These injuries often result in permanent tissue damage, sometimes warranting skin grafts and even amputation.

Regardless of their severity, burn injuries can take a significant toll on your physical, financial, and emotional well-being.

If you’ve sustained any of the above injuries due to the actions of other parties, our experienced and knowledgeable burn lawyers are here for you. We are a call away if you need a burn victim lawyer who can represent you in your burn accident claim.

What Causes Burn Injuries?

There are a variety of reasons burn injuries occur. However, not all of them will allow you to file a burn accident claim.

By knowing the causes you can file a burn accident claim for, you can quickly find out if you’re eligible for a claim. Here are the reasons for burn injuries that we can handle:

  • Workplace accidents: Workplace settings can pose significant risks, with burn injuries occurring due to accidents with chemicals or outlets. Malfunctioning switches or electronic equipment in the workplace can also lead to extensive burn injuries.
  • Defective products: Defective products can also be the cause of burn injuries. These products include faulty appliances or products with inadequate safety features.
  • Residential fires in rented properties: Burn accidents can happen in rented properties due to faulty electrical wiring or unsafe heating systems.
  • Motor vehicle accidents: After a vehicle collision, various hazards can cause burns. These hazards include oil leaks and — in the worst-case scenario — explosions.
  • Electrical accidents: Electrical accidents happen due to faulty electrical wiring or defective electrical components. Quite often, electrical accidents are life-threatening and require immediate medical attention.
  • Wildfires: California is a wildfire-prone state that sees countless burn injuries yearly. Burn injuries from wildfires range from first and second-degree burns to more severe third and fourth-degree burns.
  • Premises with exposed wiring: Exposed wiring in commercial and common spaces places the public at risk of burn injuries. Exposed wiring can cause severe electrical burns, which often require extensive treatment and hospitalization.

These are a few types of burn injuries that we handle at our burn accident firm. If you’ve sustained injuries due to any of the above causes, contact our burn victim lawyers today.

My experience with Daniels Law staff has been top-notch! All matters were handled in a professional manner and questions answered in a timely manner. I could not have chosen a better law firm to represent me.”

Catharina V., Upland, CA

Who’s To Blame?

A successful claim begins with knowing who to hold accountable for your burn injuries. By determining which parties are liable, you and your burn attorney can direct your claim to the right individuals and prove them liable for your injuries.

There are several parties you can file your claim against. Here are a few of the parties you and your burn accident attorney might hold accountable for your injuries:

  • Your employer: If you have sustained burns at your place of work, it may indicate that your employer failed to provide a safe working environment. Failure to provide a safe work environment may be an act of negligence that makes your employer liable for your burn injuries.
  • Product manufacturers, distributors, and retailers: Product manufacturers, distributors, and retailers have duties to provide consumer safety. They may be liable for any burn injuries you sustain as a result of their defective products.
  • Property owners and managers: Property owners and managers have a duty to ensure a safe living environment for their tenants. In cases of fire, electrical malfunctions, or inadequate safety measures, these parties may be liable for any burn injuries you sustain.
  • Government entities: Burn injuries that occur in public spaces may subject the government to liability. They might also be held liable for any delayed response in rendering aid for your injuries.
  • Negligent motorists: Negligent drivers may be directly liable if their actions contribute to your burn injuries. Failing to observe traffic laws, can lead to catastrophic collisions, potentially causing fires or explosions.
  • Building owners or managers: Building owners and managers may also be accountable for any burn injuries you sustain due to poor building safety or faulty electrical wiring.

Knowing who to hold accountable is a crucial step pursuing a successful burn injury claim. If you have sustained burn injuries, our experienced burn lawyers will help you be compensated by the right parties.

Contact us at Daniels Law for legal representation and guidance that gets you the best possible results.

How We Can Help

Receiving compensation and protecting your rights demands compassionate and experienced legal representation — that’s where our burn injury lawyers come in.

As one of the leading burn injury law firms in Sherman Oaks, we’ve helped countless clients recover significant settlements and judgments — and we will commit to doing the same for you.

Here is a few ways we can help you maximize your chances of a successful burn injury claim in Sherman Oaks:

  • Case evaluation and legal guidance: Every claim begins with a case evaluation to see if you have a claim our firm can assist you with. Our burn injury attorneys offer free consultations and evaluations to help you determine what options you have.
  • Evidence-gathering: Evidence is the bedrock of any successful claim. With our expertise and experience, we can assist by gathering crucial, case winning evidence, and using each piece of evidence to build a compelling case for you.
  • Negotiations on your behalf: We are your advocates throughout your burn accident claim. For this reason, we will aggressively negotiate with liable parties and their insurers on your behalf. We will stop at nothing to protect your best interests.
  • Litigation representation: Sometimes burn injury claims cannot be settled and have to go to trial. Our experienced trial attorneys are here to ensure that your rights and interests are protected in court if settlement negotiations break down.
  • Maximizing your settlement: Our experienced burn injury lawyers can assist you in evaluating your case to ensure that you receive the best value possible for your case. 
  • Filing your claim promptly: California has a three-year period after your injury that you can file a claim. Our attorneys can immediately take action to ensure your rights are not forfeited.

We’re on your side before, during, and after your claim. Contact us today and get representation and guidance that places your interests first.

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